Condian Hotels Group

The history of Condian Hotels begins in 1978, with the establishment of the first hotel of the Group, Iro Hotel, by Georgios & Argyro Giannoulakis. Iro Hotel was one of the first hotels to operate in Hersonissos.

In 1988, the second hotel of the group, Dimico Hotel, was established, which now operates under the name Central Hersonissos Hotel. This was followed by the establishment of the Asterias Village Resort, and then Sergios Hotel.

Completing more than four decades of success, the Condian Hotels Group remains true to its original vision of providing excellent hospitality services and is constantly evolving, adding new services and modern infrastructure to its hotels.

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Our philosophy

The vision of Condian Hotels Group is to make our hotels the best choice for hospitality in Hersonissos area.